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Candy, Chocolate and So Much More...

Dewey's Candy offers nostalgic and retro candy, gummy candy and sour candy, licorice assortments and sugar free candy, chocolate and M&M's, international candy, Jely Belly and more. You might bring your kids in for a sweet treat, but every grown-up seems to transform into a kid at heart as soon as they walk through the doors at Dewey's. It's an experience like no other! And if you stop by without the kids, your secret is safe with us.

All Your Favorite Candy is at Deweys in DUMBO

All Your Favorite Candy is at Deweys in DUMBO

Nostalgic & Retro Candy

Who doesn't like to take a stroll down memory lane? Most of your childhood favorites are still available at Dewey's Candy. Nostalgic and retro candy is our specialty and was the inspiration for creating Dewey's Candy... Continue »

Gummi Candy & Sour Candy

Are you a sour patch kid, a sour belt aficionado or do you like to swim with the gummi sharks or Swedish fish? Maybe you're more of a landlubber and prefer to hang out with gummi alligators, centipedes or dinosaurs... Continue »

Licorice Assortments & Sugar Free Candy

Are you a Kookaburra Licorice fan, or a Finish Licorice Fan? You might even be an Old school licorice fan with the red and black bites, Twizzlers in three flavors, black or red wheels - just to name a few... Continue »

Chocolate and M&M's

Dewey's offers a balanced assortment of both dark and milk chocolate. From chocolate covered gummi bears to chocolate covered Oreos (yes, they're available in both dark and milk chocolate) and chocolate covered cookie dough, Dewey's is the destination for your chocolate fix... Continue »

International and Miscellaneous Candy, Jelly Bellies

New York City is an incredibly diverse place, which is what makes it so vibrant! For those whose favorite candy was specific to their home countries, Dewey's offers a great selection of international candy. From Cadbury Dairy Milk to Turkish Delight and Bueno Bars... Continue »

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