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Whether you’re turning 5 or 50, Dewey’s is the sweetest destination to celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Dewey’s offers an array of “candy crafts” and fun activities that will be personally customized for your special day. You’ll also leave Dewey’s with your very own bag of goodies! (Because it’s just wrong to step foot into a candy store and not satisfy your sweet tooth!)

Here are some suggestions for your fun-filled birthday party at Dewey’s. Of course, there is much more! (Crafts/Activities will vary upon age)

  • Create your own T-Shirt
  • Create your own Picture Frame
  • Create your own Keepsake Box
  • Create your own Candy Jewelry
  • Create your own Candy Mask
  • Create your own cupcakes
  • Just to name a few.

Special Events For Grown-Ups! | Event Space

Special Event Space | Girl's Night Out Events at Dewey's

Special Event Space | Girl's Night Out Event at Dewey's

Dewey’s Candy is available for all types of events. Whether you’d like to host a cocktail party, trunk show or any other sweet celebration, make Dewey’s your destination. It’s unique, it’s fun, and since we specialize in nostalgic and retro candy, grown-ups tend to get more excited than the kids in this candy store! If you haven’t popped into the store yourself, stop by for a visit. You’ll see why Dewey’s is the ideal location for your special event, in the heart of DUMBO.

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